Racing spinnaker assembly

Detail of the manufacture of a Racing Spinnaker

All Purpose spinnakers are all built using high resistance cloth so that they retain their original shape for as long as possible. The high quality finishing of our sails are standard to meet the requirements of an ever-more demanding clientele.


Baille à spi All Purpose de Mini 650

Spinnaker bags

All Purpose has taken the step of manufacturing everything in France, not just the sails, but also the spinnaker bags which have evolved to meet the needs of competitors. 




Fabrication spi de course prise de ris


All clews are fitted with a stainless steel ring secured with webbing, hand-stitched to ensure solidity.

The nylon reinforcements are aligned along the load paths.


Spi Mini 650 : zoom sur le point découte spectra

Spectra clew strop for asymmetric spinnakers

A 4 mm spectra strop, with fibres radiating out in the centre of the reinforcement.
This strong, light solution helps the clew pass from gybe to gybe more easily. 





Spi Mini 650 : zoom sur le ris d'amure


The tack is made up of 3 webbing strops sewn with anti-UV thread in a fan shape to spread the loads.

The luff is fitted with an adjustable spectra luff line.






Ris d'écoute de spi de course All Purpose

Reefed clew

The webbing strop prevents the zip from opening when the sail flaps. 

The leech line helps support the sail over time. 




Reefed spinnaker

The reefing pocket has plenty of space. It is not noticeable when sailing and gives a clean foot shape. 


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