Cruising: the secrets of making spinnakers

Spinnaker and gennaker for cruising sailboats

Our spinnakers are designed and manufactured in France
Combined with reinforcements, good assembly and finishing, these sails are reliable and will not let you down.

Fabrication spi de croisière point d'écoute tribord

Spinnaker attachment points

It is easy to recognise the different attachment points on your spinnakers: we always use the same colour code.

  1. Port sheet: red
  2. Starboard sheet: green
  3. Foot: white
  4. Asymmetric spinnaker luff: black


Fabrication spi de croisière point d'écoute babord


Over 35 feet, all our clews feature a stainless steel ring with webbing over approximately 90°. 

On this photo, you can see the reinforcement radiating out from a starboard clew.
The alignment of the fabric matches the different load paths. 




Baille à spi All Purpose de Mini 650


Spinnaker bag

All Purpose has made a conscious decision to manufacture everything in France, not just our sails, but also our spinnaker bags which have evolved to meet your needs.
There are different models available based on your sailing programme. 


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