Competitors test and validate their choice of All Purpose sails

The J80 is an 8.50 m keel boat, a one-design boat designed for a level playing field on the race course and keeping costs down.

The J80 class: the largest class of cabin monohull in France

Every J80 wishing to race in an official event of the J80 calendar must be measured (hull and sails) by an official class measurer.

The class rules permit just one set of sails per boat per year. 
A set of sails includes a 14 m2 jib, a 20.50 m2 mainsail and a 65 m2 spinnaker. 


World and European Championships are organised by the class in a different country each year.

In France, the National Championship consists of 8 events including Spi Ouest France.  In 2011, no less than 105 J80s competed at this event, making it the outright record for a one-design fleet at Spi Ouest France.

All Purpose designs sails for J80

Changes brought by All Purpose on sails are “slow” but apparently interesting. “Slow” because we are only allowed one set of sails per year (jib, mainsail and spinnaker). More generally, the extra speed that we are finding for the J24, J80 and Open classes, can be transferred from one class to another.

Sails' development was rewarded with many top results on the water. 

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