All Purpose Saint Mandrier partners with FYD-Adventure

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02 January 2023

All Purpose Saint Mandrier is a partner of FYD, Follow Your Dreams, a non-profit organization that offers its sailboat free of charge to researchers and scientists. An international crew of researchers and scientists will sail for 10 years around the world on a 15 meters catamaran built especially for this purpose, to explore the fauna and flora of the world's oceans.

FYD-Adventure visited the All Purpose Sail and Saddlery and made a film that presents the sail and saddlery workshops.



"Ces deux sourires nous font naviguer autour du monde"

Véronique and Alain Bonnot, the managers of the All Purpose sailmaking workshop in Saint-Mandrier-sur-Mer, are designing and building the complete set of sails for the research catamaran.
The objective is to realize a set of sails that will sail for 10 years around the world.

  • Design phase of the sails on computer.
  • Manufacturing phase: assembly and mounting of the fabrics and membranes cut to shape, realization of the reinforcements and finishes.
  • Upholstery: realization of the lasybag and the canopy..

"Nous remercions la famille Bonnot pour son soutien exceptionnel et affectueux !
Les voiles sont le moteur de notre bateau - et l'élément très important."

L'équipe FYD


The All Purpose Saint Mandrier team is happy and proud to participate in this adventure!

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