Give your sails a second life!

28 March 2023

What if, instead of doing nothing with them or throwing them away, we repaired them, reused them?

Our ambition is to accompany the ecological transition of the sailing industry and make it more circular!

In 2020, All Purpose has decided to act on its commitment by initiating a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach to act positively and reduce its impact to contribute to environmental and societal issues in the competition and leisure sailing.

The circular economy proposes to rethink our modes of production and consumption in order to optimize the use of natural resources and to limit the generated waste.

On this principle, All Purpose implements an operational solution with SECOND SOUFFLE.


What's the point of the project?

    Develop the recovery of used sails to extend their life
    Reduce the use of new raw material
    To promote the development of a circular economy in the sailing sector
    Reduce the number of sails buried or incinerated
    Raise awareness and promote the adoption of more responsible behavior
    Set up a local collection service open to all
    Offer sails at affordable prices
    Reinforce All Purpose's commitment to Sustainable Development

Two ways of collection:

    You drop off your sail at one of our collection points (list to come)
    You ask for an expertise of your sail via our form accessible via the QR code present on the collection point or connect directly to the following link

           Audit of the sails with assignment to one of the three possible packs:

    Sails pack
    Fabrics pack
    Waste pack

         Why do we do this?

Our approach is transversal, by participating in this operation, you contribute yourself to the reduction of waste and to the interest of sustainable development, reuse and recycling of their sails.


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